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Gary Boyn

Gary Boyn

President, Warrick and Boyn, LLP

Diana Lawson

Diana Lawson

Executive Director, Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Art Decio, Philanthropist

Art Decio, Philanthropist

Skyline Corporation

Dallas Bergl, President

Dallas Bergl, President

INOVA Credit Union

Dina Harris, Director of Development

Dina Harris, Director of Development

Indiana University South Bend

Rita Huffman, City Controller

City of Elkhart

Rex Martin, President


In memory of Phil Miller

In 1988, Philip Miller requested a meeting with the supporters of the arts in Elkhart, Indiana and City of Elkhart officials asking for their help to restore The ELCO Theatre and make it a visionary in arts and entertainment for the Elkhart community. Mr. Miller saw the potential that a performing arts venue could bring to the vibrancy and well-being of the Elkhart community and set out on a mission to make his vision come to life.

Fast forward 30 years later. The Lerner Theatre stands on the corner of Franklin Street and Main Street as a true beacon for arts and entertainment in not just the Elkhart community, but in the region as well. The Lerner Theatre was looked at as the catalyst for downtown growth and development, catapulting the next several years of growth and prosperity to Downtown Elkhart.

Philip Miller served as the Treasurer of The Lerner Governing Board before his death in September 2018.

Philip Miller had a vision in 1988 of “what could be” for this landmark building. 30 years later, the vision is in motion with vibrancy and his vision and legacy are evident in the work of The Lerner Theatre in our community.

In Memory of Phil Miller

“My goal is, having heard from experts who have created performing arts centers in other communities, you will have an increased understanding of the value of a performing arts center to our community, and the mechanics of what needs to be done to convert a historic Elkhart building into such a center.”

Philip Miller

President of Miller Theatres, Inc.
April 25, 1988

More About The Theatre


On March 31, 1923, Harry E. Lerner, an Elkhart businessman, announced he planned to construct a modern "theatrical palace" on the corner of Franklin and Main Streets
in downtown Elkhart.


The $18 million Lerner Theatre renovation project was designed, budgeted, and approved by the City of Elkhart in 2008. Construction began in early 2009 and was completed in June 2011.

Kimball Organ

The Kimball pipe organ located in Elkhart, Indiana’s Lerner Theatre is one of only three Kimball pipe organs currently installed in its original location.