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Community Update 2018
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Rex Martin, presidentI am a lifelong resident of the city of Elkhart. I have many fond memories of the Elco Theatre growing up. Recently, I had the honor of being named chairman of the board for the Friends of The Lerner.

My first objective as chairman: The Friends of The Lerner launched a capital campaign to help establish a $5 million dollar endowment fund for The Lerner to ensure that both The Lerner Theatre, as well as The Crystal Ballroom, remain the premier theatre and event facility in Elkhart to serve the current community and the generations to come.

The citizens of Elkhart have shown their support and generosity by helping us raise more almost $2.5 million of our overall goal for the Endowment so far. Though we haven’t reached our objective, every dollar you donate helps us close the gap.

Thank you again for your support. I will continue to keep you informed on our ongoing progress.

– Rex Martin, President


Gary Boyn serves as a dual member of the Lerner Governing Board and Friends of the Lerner, Inc.I am pleased to report that The Lerner is financially, operationally, and structurally sound due to the dedication and stewardship of the city administration, common council, Lerner governing board and dedicated staff.

We sadly lost a key board member this year with the untimely death of our friend and colleague, Phil Miller. Rex Martin stepped in to fill that board position and has been involved heavily with those duties, including coordinating our development and fund-raising goals with the Friends of The Lerner.

Our focus this year is the endowment fund at the community foundation to fund future shows and maintain a high-quality experience for the community. The board and staff are determined to maintain the quality of The Lerner. This past year, the lighting console that operates the show lights was replaced, as was the soundboard for the theatre. The sound system was re-programmed and wireless microphones were purchased and installed. New projectors were purchased and installed in the Crystal Ballroom. In addition, our technical coordinators have created a computerized equipment inventory that can easily update as equipment is serviced and replaced. The management staff has established various operational manuals and procedures and is diligently working to complete a standard operating procedures manual which will be a valuable training resource for new hires.

We realized that our ticketing system was struggling to keep up with our expanding shows and sales, and the board approved the installation of a new ticketing system, known as PatronManager, which we expect to be fully operational by January 1, 2020. It is a well known and well-used system and contains programs that will greatly simplify current operations, show-closing procedures and patron development goals.

We look forward to the upcoming year with great enthusiasm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary D. Boyn

Gary Boyn serves as a dual member of the Lerner Governing Board and Friends of the Lerner, Inc.

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